Luminar Neo Special 2 Years Anniversary Offers

In the dynamic world of photography, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Luminar Neo, the revolutionary photo editing software, has not only stayed ahead but has continually evolved over the past two years to meet the changing needs of photographers worldwide. From performance enhancements to intuitive new features, Luminar Neo has undergone a remarkable transformation driven by user feedback and technological advancements.

Luminar Neo Special Offer

Evolution of Luminar Neo:

Luminar Neo has continuously evolved, introducing a plethora of exciting new features designed to elevate the editing experience. These updates include:

  1. Onboarding: Simplifying the user experience for newcomers, ensuring that anyone can dive into editing with ease.
  2. Presets: Offering greater control over preset adjustments, allowing for personalized edits with just a click.
  3. Preview on Hover: Streamlining the editing process with instant previews, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
  4. Information Button: Providing quick access to information and tutorials, empowering users to master their editing skills.
  5. Panorama Stitching: Seamlessly merging multiple images into stunning panoramas, unlocking new creative possibilities.
  6. Studio Light: Adding professional lighting effects to photos, enhancing their visual impact.
  7. Blur Tool: Easily creating depth and focus effects, adding dimension to images.
  8. Neon & Glow: Infusing images with vibrant neon and glowing effects, for eye-catching results.
  9. Tilt Shift: Adding selective focus for creative compositions, allowing for unique perspectives.
  10. GenErase: Effortlessly removing unwanted elements from photos with precision, ensuring flawless edits.
  11. GenSwap: Instantly swapping and transforming elements within shots using intuitive AI, for limitless creative potential.
  12. GenExpand: Adjusting and expanding the boundaries of the frame in photos, refining proportions for perfect compositions.

2nd Anniversary Offers:

To celebrate two years of innovation, Luminar Neo is offering exclusive anniversary discounts for both new users and existing customers. These offers include:

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  • Special discounts on monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions for new users.

    1 Month – $11.95
    12 Months – $79 (83% off) + free Anniversary Collection (worth $300) + 1 year X Membership (worth $79)
    24 Months – $119 (73% off) + free Anniversary Collection + 1 year X Membership
    Lifetime – $199 (68% off) + free Anniversary Collection + 1 year X Membership

  • For Lifetimer Owners without the Creative Journey Pass or all Extensions:

    1 Month – $7.95
    12 Months – $49.5 (88% off) + free Anniversary Collection (worth $300)
    24 Months – $74.5 (83% off) + free Anniversary Collection

  • For Owners with Extensions (Subscribers with a Creative Journey Pass + all Extensions):

    Anniversary Collection – $29 (90% OFF)
    Universal Creative Collection – $49 (86% OFF)
    X Membership Elite – $49 (38% OFF)
    Get all for $99 (86% OFF)

Luminar Neo Special Offer

If you’re searching for AI-driven photo editing software, consider giving Luminar Neo a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by its wide array of features and effects.

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