In the world of professional photo editing, having the right editing software determines who has the most outstanding performance. To remain dominant, you must rely on more than one photo editing software to keep the stiff competition at bay. On this regard, we have taken a keen interest to identify the most efficient and best Mac photo editor software. We have composed a list of 10 best photo editing software for Mac, especially for beginners, and discussed in this article.

The criteria we considered in reviewing each best Mac photo editor app is:

  1. If the app portrays an excellent degree of ease of use: Includes the installation and general usage of the app for photo editing.
  2. Photo editing presetting and versatility: The programmed automatic editing functions and the number of editing features offered.
  3. File formats and device support: The types of file formats the best Mac photo editor can access, and save the editing tasks.
  4. Creativity and Fun: The amount of editing features the application can achieve in editing particular images.
  5. The app price: The amount of money required to obtain a genuine copy of the Best Mac Photo Editor application desired.
  6. Developer’s Customer guidance and service: The service and support offered by the developer of the photo editor applications for Mac.


1. Skylum Luminar

Luminar is the entry level Best Mac Photo Editor

Luminar is one of the best mac photo editor programs that any professional photo editor must have in their arsenal. This app relies on artificial intelligence to achieve the fastest editing rates in the market. The interface is attractive and intuitive with a before/after slider dividing your photo into two halves for easy editing comparisons.

Luminar has eight workspaces with the pre-sets and filters customized for different types of photo. You can have all the settings and filters available by selecting the professional workspace. This app is the Best Mac Photo Editor as you can have your custom design workspace that suits your designing style and type of photos. You can access all the steps taken in editing the picture through the history button and apply the edits to another photo instantly. This photo editing app supports Mac OS version 10.10 – 10.13, with an Intel 64-bit Core 2 Duo processor, or better.


  • Best Mac photo editor for illustrious one-click editing pre-sets and filters;
  • Customizable and intuitive user interface;
  • Responsive editing tools.


  • No file browser;
  • Noise reduction is inferior to other Mac photo editors;
  • Image magnifier is a bit clumsy.

Price: $69 (Buy Luminar at $49 or Upgrade at $39 by using promo code “MACLIBS” to save $20 when check out.)

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements – The Most Advanced and Best Mac Photo Editor for Professionals

Adobe Photoshop Element is one of the best Mac photo editor as one part of the Adobe Elements bundle. The app is available for Mac 64-bit OS with a powerful experience of artificial intelligence (AI), and “content intelligence” through Adobe-speak, to achieve lovely image and video editing. This best photo editing software for Mac features new AI-based tools that perform several previously tedious image and video editing tasks with ease.

Adobe Elements remains one of the most user-friendly and best mac photo editor software for mac image editing available. This property gets achieved while incorporating advanced features borrowed from Adobe Photoshop CC in the Expert mode of Photoshop Elements.


  • Packs lots of powerful image-manipulation tools;
  • Excellent output options;
  • Best Mac photo editor with Auto-tagging and strong search feature;
  • Strong face and geo-tagging resources;
  • And, helpful guidance feature for advanced techniques.


  • Large HDD/SSD footprint;
  • Minimal social sharing outputs;
  • And, lacks a local help system.

Price: $99.99 or Get Bundle at $149.99  Or Buy from Amazon.

3. ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac

ACDSee Photo Studio; Best Mac Photo Editor with numerous editing and painting tools

Best Mac photo editor - ACDSee Photo Studio

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is amongst the best Mac photo editor apps that feature unparalleled support for RAW images for over 450 professional cameras. This extreme Mac photo editor includes customizable batch presets and the new’ drag and drop’ searching function.

ACDSee is the best Mac photo editor as it suits entry level to professional photographers because of its strong digital asset management elements, and the revamped full toolkit flooded with non-destructive adjustments and features.

The 2018 version achieves more flexibility and control for instant, import-free access photos, professional processing enhancements. The best Mac photo editor, Photo Studio, delivers sufficient organizational tools to accommodate even the most rigorous workflow.

Those dull, blurry, and crooked photos get easily corrected with ACDSee Photo Studio. The new and reliable Straighten function flawlessly corrects orientation ensuring all images look perfectly shot. The sharpening tool of this best Mac photo editor preserves edge detail and achieves perfect definition to images making them crisp and sharper.


  • Excellent Organizational Tools;
  • Mobile Companion App;
  • Blends lots of Photoshop & Lightroom features and functions into it.


  • User Interface needs more work;
  • The Cloud Service costs more;
  • And slow cataloguing experience.

Price: Halloween Offer $34.95 (Full Price $99.99)


4. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo editor resembles Photoshop; Best Mac Photo Editor with support for various languages

Best Mac photo editor - Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo runs on Mac OS X 0.7 or later with a minimum of 2GB RAM recommended. For those who bought an older version, the latest one is among the Best Mac photo Editor Programs and is free. Furthermore, the newest version features plenty of improvements and more compatibility for latest camera raw files. Installing this photo editing app for Mac is as simple as using it and is available in English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and, and German.

The workspace of Affinity Photo resembles that of the Best Mac Photo Editor -Photoshop in design, so those familiar to Photoshop will find it very easy to use. The standard grey background is also default, with a vertical toolbar on the left side of the window, plus the control panels on the right. The tools you instinctively use in Photoshop get positioned almost in the same spots in Affinity Photo.


  • RAW editing;
  • Quick response;
  • No subscription;
  • Many tools and features;
  • Live edits;
  • Best Mac Photo Editor with excellent value for money;
  • Easy to use


  • No file management system

Price: $49.99, free upgrades

5. Pixelmator

Pixelmator – the best Mac photo editor software for beginners and intermediates

Best Mac photo editor - Pixelmator

Pixelmator keeps the workspace simpler than most of the Best Mac Photo Editor apps, which makes it popular among amateur and intermittent editors. Most of the critical tools proven useful with years of experience using the photo editing software for mac are all available. The interface looks stunning and fits the Mac OS aesthetic.

The Mac OS’s CoreImage and OpenGL technologies get both infused into its engine, meaning you get instantaneous results making it the Best Mac Photo Editor for heavy edits. The filter tools don’t offer many options for each “beyond a slider” to control the strength of the effect. This setting is nearly often all you need, though aside from those moments when you’re looking for that little extra creative freedom.


  • Machine learning makes it the Best Mac Photo Editor for critical operations;
  • Flexible raw editing features;
  • Quick Repair and Selection tools work flawlessly;
  • And Apple’s Core ML framework enables machine-learning features


  • Dark, monochrome interface with light type can mar brightness;
  • Some inflexible features;
  • Limited file export options

Price: $14.99 / Pixelmator Pro $29.99 $37.99

6. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor; One of the best Mac Photo Editor apps

Best Mac photo editor - Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor is an excellent tool for you if you have some photos on your Mac that you want to have on canvas and hang on your wall. Featuring powerful one-click filters and tools for editing photo collections, it’s one of the best Mac Photo Editor app. The interface features easy functionality for making photos look their best.

Fotor editing software for mac packs several image-enhancing tools and filters for your pictures to look their best. It supports the standard image formats and even provides RAW file processing, an exclusive feature for premium and best Mac Photo editor apps.

Fotor is the best Mac Photo Editor for getting the fastest results as it features thirteen different one-click pre-sets that you can use to edit all your images instantaneously. The new version allows you to create collages with a custom aspect ratio. It also features a more advanced tilt-shift algorithm with better support for more formats of RAW files and runs on 10.7 Mac OS or later with a 2GB minimum RAM.


  • Best Mac Photo Editor for smart filters and effects;
  • Easy image collage tool;
  • Features RAW file converter.


  • Not feature-packed;
  • Not suitable for designing artwork from scratch.

Price: Free

7. JixiPix Impresso Pro

JixiPix Impresso – Best Mac Photo Editor for turning pictures into paintings

Best Mac photo editor - JixiPix Impresso Pro

JixiPix Impresso Pro design targets professionals who fancy creative or artistic control. They will utilize smart Layers and brushes for combining multiple paint styles. Jixipix features a rich collection of edges that beautifully blend on the canvas, and a new background Paint effect that creates distances on photos. There’s also a Soft Paint effect that makes Jixipix the Best Mac Photo Editor for enriching foreground elements.

The Aged Paint effect adds craquelure to paintings, and an ultra-realistic effect called Tache that covers pictures with broken brush effect strokes to mimic painted pictures. Impresso Pro has all the essential features any professional photo editor could need for creating gallery-style portraits with enough detail even for super large prints. The Pro Version Includes:

  • Smart Layers
  • Painted Edges
  • Brushes
  • 6 Paint Styles (Tache, Soft Paint, En Plein Air, Background Paint, Alla Prima, and Aged Paint )

The standalone product system requirements for this photo editing software for Mac includes: Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, and a 64-bit processor environment. It can also run on the iPad iOS 9.2 or later in a 64-bit environment. The Mac App Store version has no plugins.


  • Support for high-resolution images and rendering;
  • Superior customer service;
  • Randomize button;
  • Multiple undo;
  • Customizable styles


  • A bit complex for beginner editors

Price: $49.99


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) – Best Mac Photo Editor for universal expandability

Best Mac photo editor - GIMP

The best photo editing software for Mac you can obtain for free that’s closest to Photoshop is GIMP. This open source best Mac Photo Editor software features an extensive set of filters, tools, and options for advanced editing of complex tasks. GIMP also is compatible with third-party plugins including Adobe Photoshop’s features unparalleled expandability with broad system compatibility parameters.

Whether you’re an illustrator, photographer or want an application that will let you experiment with your images, GIMP is up to the task. GIMP can fix lens distortion as well as selective colorization and other complicated fixes. GIMP is a beautiful open source photo editor for mac, but like other powerful apps, it has a reasonably steep learning process.


  • Best Mac Photo Editor for expandability;
  • Opens the vastest variety image file types;
  • Packed with several features and tools.


  • Cluttered Interface.

Price: Free

9. Pixlr

Pixlr is the best Mac photo editor app for Mac OS based entirely online

Pixlr is an online photo editing app with fast and simple functionality and has enough features to make it a viable option for low- to mid-level photo editing tasks. Create new images using Pixlr, and upload, or grab a photo directly from a website or URL location. It’s compatible with a variety of Mac OS as it runs on the browser.

Editors familiar with Photoshop will find it the best photo editing software for mac as the menu options are similar, regarding the layout and how the various feature work. You’ll need to have necessary knowhow around image editors and how their various tools work, such as the “fill,” “blur,” “crop,” and “smudge” to effectively use Pixlr.

There is a diverse assortment of editing and drawing tools, paint and filters options. Professional photo editors will take pleasure using familiar tools such as the Gaussian Blur, Night Vision, and Heat Map. The companion web app, Pixlr-o-Matic, offers excellent creativity options for photo filters.

This app is among the best Mac Photo Editor software that was once available as a downloadable app for Mac but was recently shifted by the developers of this free photo editor into an online-only platform.


  • A Customizable interface;
  • Best Mac Photo Editor for layers and masks support;
  • Opens photos from desktop or URLs


  • Requires Flash;
  • Contains some ads.

Price: Free

10. Preview

Preview photo viewer – Best Mac Photo Editor pre-installed app on Mac OS

Preview is a photo viewing, and editing app for mac provided as part of Mac OS and has proved itself as a worthy tool for tweaking your Photos and images. Overlooking best photo editing apps for mac you already have is easy, like Preview viewer: The Tool’s menu offers options for adjusting colors and sizes. You can also export your editing tasks in multiple file formats.

Apple’s Photos app contains some handy tools too. You can experiment with automatic enhancement features which apply the best optimization settings for your image. Red-eye removal and minor blemishes get easily removed. You can also use special effects filters easily and adjust the color parameters, as well as rotating and cropping images.

In Mac OS High Sierra, Apple improves its best Mac Photo Editor software in several important manners. As it is with the rest of the OS, it’s not a complete overhaul, but slightly tweaked up features and additional tools that make the app more powerful and usable. New tools and functions applicable to Live Photos from other iOS devices are among the new elements. The pre-installed app offers some exceptional sharing and organization capabilities.


  • Free;
  • Slick interface;
  • Plug-in support;
  • Cool features for iOS Live Photos;
  • Intuitive; Good sharing options;
  • Best Mac Photo Editor for Face recognition;
  • Capable auto-correction.


  • Auto-albums aren’t editable;
  • Filters not adjustable.

Price: Free


Professional photo editors in the digital era have come to rely on multitudes of software for completing various editing tasks. Choosing the Best Mac Photo Editor for the job at hand defines the success rate of the particular work. However, no specific software singularly performs all the photo editing tasks. As such, using a combination of more than one of these apps makes working more efficient and fruitful.


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