CleanMyMac X Adds ‘Space Lens’ to Discover What’s Eating Up Space on Your Mac

Yesterday, MacPaw released a new module “Space Lens” to its Mac cleaning and organization software CleanMyMac X. The new module “Space Lens” aimed to discover and locate all the files and folders that are taking up the Drive space, including connected external drives. It will build a detailed map to show you clearly what’s eating up the most space on your Mac hard drive or External drive. You can see the detailed info of the file you are storing by clicking into a folder, If you don’t want to keep a file on your Mac, you can delete the files there.

As finding those forgotten space-eating folders fast is always a challenge, Space Lens would be a good plus for CleanMyMac X, just like MacPaw product manager said on Producthunt, Space Lens is brand new module can help Mac users to:
– Visualize your disk space in a matter of seconds.
– Spot the largest space wasters. These can be long-forgotten files and folders that take up gigabytes of space.
– Scan both your internal and external drives.
– Quickly decide what to remove. The lens will display the size of all your files, so you can detect the baddies at a glance.

How to Get Space Lens?
If you are already a CleanMyMac X user, you can get Space Lens by just updating software to the version 4.4.0. If you still do not have CleanMyMac X on your Mac, you can get a free trial of it from its official page. If you like it would prefer to get the full version without limitation, you can purchase CleanMyMac X at $39.95 a year license for a single Mac, or a One-Time Purchase at $89.95.

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Note: CleanMyMac X doesn’t remove system files for the safety of your Mac. That’s why we disabled some essential items, and you can’t select them for removal.

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